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5 materials you might want to use for your interior

5 materials you might want to use for your interior

Each interior space has something unique it offers to their owners/guests. If you happen to visit natural outdoor spaces like a forest, you’ll numerous varieties of textures that come in the form of wooden-barks, ground surfaces, leaves, water, stones etc. Therefore, the material used for interior design to a large extent determines the look and feel of the interior space. Some of the commonly used interior materials in UK include;

1. Glasses (to make Glazed partitions)

When it comes to interior design, you can transform the interior of the house by using a translucent or transparent glass, or even the combination of these two glasses. Using a glass to partition your space gives a sense of increased interior space while also allowing more light into the rooms. When using glass (or glazer partitions), one needs to take into consideration their degree of room privacy and the amount of light they require in the separate partitions.

2. Charming ceramics

Ceramic is increasingly becoming popular for use in interior design in the UK. This is because they are hard, durable, compact, and non-porous. They are used in a number of surfaces as tiled floors or wall coverings. Ceramics can define how you relate to your interior space thereby making an impact on its versatility and livability. In matters interior design, ceramics can also be used to add value to your interior as tableware, kitchenware, toilet bowls, wall ornaments and much more.

3. Wood


Wood is the most preferred material for use in interior design. It’s used as furniture, doors and door frames and shutters. Most furniture designers choose wood for interior due to its softness, and its strength to withstand harsh conditions.

4. Cloth

The cloth is a natural choice for the linen and is best suited for interior design due to its ability to give a smooth finish upon painting or printing. Cloth material for interior design is best suited for bedrooms where owners value comfort. One factor that makes cloth a good choice for interior design is its high maintainability; it’s washable.

5. Rubber/Leather

Rubber can be used as a PVC floor. It’s easily available, wash-proof and durable. The rubber material offers rich pattern printing options that are important in the interior design.

4 top resources for furniture in UK

4 top resources for furniture in UK

1. is known for its ability to offer the largest collection of home furniture that can probably address any home owners’ interior design needs. Its furniture database has in excess of one million pictures. With, users have the ability to make an “idea book” that enables them to favorite and save their images for future reference. Most people argue that, if you cannot find whatever furniture you’re looking for at, you probably won’t get it anywhere in the UK.

2. is an inspiring blog that’s dedicated to furniture conservation and restoration. It shows all that happens behind protective clothes at the National Trust properties (Britain). The blog profiles major projects against a series of charming imagery of volunteers restoring textiles and removing imperfections and restoring picture frames from ancient times.


This is a blog that’s dedicated to offering rich advice to interior designers and interior design consumers on different interior design concepts based on fifteen-interesting floating staircases and unique steel chairs that have earned respect. The blog showcases different multipurpose furniture, like the bookcase that’s teardrop-shaped and can be used for reading.


This is a blog that educates its users on best sales, website, and shops that offer home furnishings. The website majors on stylish furniture buy. Some of the most recent blog posts talk about fast-hand bathroom furniture that’s offered by styling company Loaf.

Concepts Of Interior Design

Concepts Of Interior Design

Most people don’t really consider interior design to be all that important, and compared to other things that is probably true. However interior design is a valuable service that you should not discount the value of. The main reason that interior design is important is that it makes your home look nicer. The simple fact is that having a house that looks nicer is going to make you like it better and that makes design important.

Whether you’re redecorating one room or hiring a professional designer to revamp your entire living space, it helps you to understand the basics of interior design and what they encompass. A design is an orderly arrangement of five basic elements:

  • Colour: The creator of illusion and maker of mood.
  • Form: The overall shape of any object.
  • Line: The implied direction or boundary of an object.
  • Mass: The bulk of an object that occupies space.
  • Texture: The touch me, feel me of matter.


All artists, whether painters, sculptors, architects, or interior decorators work with these same basic elements to achieve certain effects, all of which must work together to form a unified whole.


But these five elements alone aren’t enough to generate a successful design. Five components of composition round out the list of designer’s terms:

  • Focal point: This is the point of visual reference to which the eye always returns, a “home base.”
  • Scale and proportion: Scale refers to overall size, while proportion relates the size of parts compared to the whole. Keep these two factors in mind when selecting furniture.
  • Harmony and unity: Harmony refers to the blending of similar elements, while unity refers to the overall sense of belonging together. This is a goal, so keep it in mind as you add each new piece of furniture or accessory.
  • Contrast: Contrast places opposites side by side, such as black and white or hard and soft. The challenge is to balance contrast, so as to maintain a sense of overall unity. Add contrast in small doses. Be careful not to overdo it and thus upset a sense of harmony of parts and overall unity.
  • Variety: Variety is the spice of life and the spice of interiors. Include variety within a single room as well as within a whole-house design.


Without sufficient and distinct contrast which can be subtle, a room can look deadly dull. If a room has too much contrast or too much variety, it looks confused. Your job as the decorator is to come up with a recipe that has just enough but never too much of the elements that make for a beautiful, functional room.


Interior design really plays a big role in the everyday life. It introduces people to beauty, relaxation, and modernism. Interior design is an important technique that is given a high attention all over the world nowadays. People’s interest in having a nice and attractive design for private and public buildings is increasing. This shows the importance of interior design nowadays. I would love to constantly change my home design as it is a way for me to be creative with my home and so as not to feel the design as dull and repetitious.



Minimalist Interior Designs Are a Better Option

Minimalist Interior Designs Are a Better Option

There’s no place like home. At least that’s what we all want to think, but is your home making you stressed out? Do you walk in the door after a long day of work only to be greeted by piles of laundry, dishes and dust bunnies?  Did you ever consider the idea that your home could be increasing your stress levels? Could your home actually be making you depressed? Depression is no laughing matter! Our homes are supposed to be our sanctuary. The place to escape and unwind.

Let’s look at some ways to change your home from a depressing domicile to a mood-enhancing manor. The first step is to look toward a minimalist interior. Yes, minimalists may be happier in their homes for many reasons.


I am a very proud minimalistic person. You can see it the way I dress and the way my home is. It is actually good and here is why minimalist interiors are also good for you:


Your Home Interior Can Make You Sick

Emerging research is showing that your homes lighting, space, and room design can affect how you feel. These studies have lead the creation of a new field of architecture called, Neuro-architecture. This is a very exciting, innovative development whereby neuro- science is combined with architecture in order to create modern designs that are effective, functional and even possibly healing.


Here are a few home designs that could be causing your bad mood:

  • If a room is too cluttered, then you can become anxious.
  • If a room is too dark, then you can become depressed or feel gloomy.
  • If a room is too bright, then you can feel stressed and hurried.
  • If a room is too small, then you can feel cramped, trapped or closed-in.
  • None of those scenarios sound like the welcoming retreat we crave.


Colour Can Affect Your Mood

Most minimalist interiors have a simple approach to colour. Keep it light and simple. You will notice that minimalist homes usually have rather large windows that allow natural light to fill the room. You may also notice that wall colours are usually quite neutral, with a splash of modern red or other bold colours used sparingly via accent walls or accessories.


These light, neutral colours allow a home to feel open, inviting and airy. Doesn’t that sound relaxing? It certainly sounds like the type of environment that would make you happy.


Neutral, simplistic rooms allow our brains to process the room as a whole, without causing our eyes to flit about between confusing, bright colours and small knick knacks.


If you want to add pops of colour into your home, then do it in a balanced manner by adding hints of the same colour throughout the room. For example, red cushions on your sofa balanced with red vases flanking your fireplace mantle and maybe some red picture frames on a side table. All of these accents match and give a room a sense of balance while avoiding the boredom of a plain neutral room.


And these are just some of the reason why minimalistic interior designs are for you.


Is your home making you grumpy? Would you consider a minimalist interior to see if it will make you happier?