Home Decor Tips

Home Decor Tips

decorThe first golden rule is to understand with home decorĀ is how light happens in the place. Often the painting is placed on the back wall – the one that receives the light – which makes it possible to imagine a gradient on perpendicular walls, but these are usually painted white. The wall integrating the window being against the day, it is often white. It is he who receives the curtains, which can be loaded in patterns. This configuration creates a harmonious place and depth with the color of the back wall.

Advice for successful home decor

The false ceilings are quite extraordinary in interior decoration. These forms, also called “disbursed”, incorporate spots that direct the light. We can then light an object, a table while giving volume to the room.

In the bathroom, if the floor is covered with large tiles, they will have to go up on the walls of the shower or bath to visually enlarge the space. Again, the lighting in a false ceiling is great. Regarding the lighting of the toilet, prefer spots placed at the periphery to 30 cm of basins so as not to lower the ceiling and shrink the space visually.

In the living room and the dining room, if the surface allows it, prefer large furniture. Choose oblong eyelet curtains mounted on a flat bar that modernize the whole.

In a kitchen, the deco asset is the work plan. On the washing side, the most beautiful finish is, of course, that of the bowl of the sink under the worktop. This type of laying makes it possible to obtain a very flat, clean and visually very pleasant surface.

The interior design is like a giant puzzle. We start with an idea, usually a material, and we will develop an environment all around by mixing several materials, next to each other, that we will be able to position in the room. This technique makes it possible to better visualize its future decoration, to better project and to better create its universe.

For your interior decoration, choose your samples of fabrics, curtains, materials. Position them next to each other in front of you in the light of day and expose them at night in the artificial light to see the atmosphere they emit so the future atmosphere of your room.

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