Minimalist Interior Designs Are a Better Option

Minimalist Interior Designs Are a Better Option

There’s no place like home. At least that’s what we all want to think, but is your home making you stressed out? Do you walk in the door after a long day of work only to be greeted by piles of laundry, dishes and dust bunnies?  Did you ever consider the idea that your home could be increasing your stress levels? Could your home actually be making you depressed? Depression is no laughing matter! Our homes are supposed to be our sanctuary. The place to escape and unwind.

Let’s look at some ways to change your home from a depressing domicile to a mood-enhancing manor. The first step is to look toward a minimalist interior. Yes, minimalists may be happier in their homes for many reasons.


I am a very proud minimalistic person. You can see it the way I dress and the way my home is. It is actually good and here is why minimalist interiors are also good for you:


Your Home Interior Can Make You Sick

Emerging research is showing that your homes lighting, space, and room design can affect how you feel. These studies have lead the creation of a new field of architecture called, Neuro-architecture. This is a very exciting, innovative development whereby neuro- science is combined with architecture in order to create modern designs that are effective, functional and even possibly healing.


Here are a few home designs that could be causing your bad mood:

  • If a room is too cluttered, then you can become anxious.
  • If a room is too dark, then you can become depressed or feel gloomy.
  • If a room is too bright, then you can feel stressed and hurried.
  • If a room is too small, then you can feel cramped, trapped or closed-in.
  • None of those scenarios sound like the welcoming retreat we crave.


Colour Can Affect Your Mood

Most minimalist interiors have a simple approach to colour. Keep it light and simple. You will notice that minimalist homes usually have rather large windows that allow natural light to fill the room. You may also notice that wall colours are usually quite neutral, with a splash of modern red or other bold colours used sparingly via accent walls or accessories.


These light, neutral colours allow a home to feel open, inviting and airy. Doesn’t that sound relaxing? It certainly sounds like the type of environment that would make you happy.


Neutral, simplistic rooms allow our brains to process the room as a whole, without causing our eyes to flit about between confusing, bright colours and small knick knacks.


If you want to add pops of colour into your home, then do it in a balanced manner by adding hints of the same colour throughout the room. For example, red cushions on your sofa balanced with red vases flanking your fireplace mantle and maybe some red picture frames on a side table. All of these accents match and give a room a sense of balance while avoiding the boredom of a plain neutral room.


And these are just some of the reason why minimalistic interior designs are for you.


Is your home making you grumpy? Would you consider a minimalist interior to see if it will make you happier?

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